DragX 2019 OTC Technology Showcase

Oceanit 2019 Technology Showcase

Oceanit’s 2019 Technology Showcase event is being held in Houston, during the Offshore Technology Conference.

DragX will be featured alongside other groundbreaking technologies from Oceanit that range from disruptive innovations to scalable turnkey solutions. DragX is a nanocomposite surface treatment system for pipelines that creates a low-surface energy, hydrophobic internal pipe surface to provide flow efficiency.

Oceanit scientists will be demonstrating the latest in Oceanit’s advanced nanomaterials, subsea IoT laser communications, smart pipelines, artificial intelligence, and more – all of which can make significant impacts across Energy and many other industry sectors.

The event takes place on Tuesday, May 7th from 5.30-9:00pm at the Houston Exponential building (formerly The Houston Technology Center) for technology demonstrations, food, and drinks. Meet the Oceanit team and learn about the cutting-edge work and products transitioning from Mind to Market at Oceanit.

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