About DragX

DragX provides flow assurance while mitigating corrosion and repelling buildup of debris

Production blockages and pressure loss can be caused by a variety of sources, including scale, paraffin, asphaltenes, and hydrates. All of these source lead to extremely expensive issues like production loss, downtime, equipment repairs, and more.

DragX was developed to surpass previous pipeline coating and sleeve solutions.

While pipeline operators continue to seek technologies that control internal corrosion and provide flow assurance, in-situ-applied epoxy coatings have been an industry last resort.  Typical epoxy coatings have a very short pot life, require long application windows & curing times (measured in weeks), and must be applied in thick layers to be effective (20-40 mil).  These shortcomings have meant that in-situ coatings are most commonly used when few alternatives remain and total pipeline replacement is looming.

DragX is a chemically-inert, omniphobic surface treatment technology that, when applied in-situ, prevents internal pipeline corrosion, mitigates debris adhesion, and reduces drag resistance on transport flow. DragX is easily applied in-situ to corroded pipelines, valves, and other metal parts with minimal surface preparation and without disassembly or re-installment. DragX is was developed and optimized for performance under extreme temperatures, pressures, and environments without deterioration of the product’s quality.

  • DragX has a pot life of over 72 hours, cure time between coats of approximately 1 hour, and full cure times of 12-24 hours – making it ideal for long, in-field pipelines;
  • It can be applied to existing, corroded or de-rated pipelines with minimal surface preparation;
  • A low-friction topcoat imparts corrosion, abrasion and puncture resistance even when applied extremely thin (2-4 mil);
  • DragX is omniphobic (hydrophobic & oleophobic) and can be applied to previously-deteriorated or damaged metal substrates;
  • Functional up to 400°F, making it suitable in most HP/HT applications.

Key benefits:

  • Improved pipeline efficiency by reducing surface friction of the pipe wall;
  • Increased flow capacity at decreased pressures for de-rated pipelines;
  • Effective for all flow regimes and products (Liquid, gas and multi-flow);
  • Increased throughput & lowered pumping power consumption;
  • Reduced need for use of costly inhibitors, or need eliminated altogether;
  • Eliminated need for continuous injection of costly chemicals;
  • Eliminated need for costly injection equipment and maintenance;
  • No adverse effects on purity of the fluids transported;
  • Protection against internal corrosion and black powder formation;
  • Reduced buildup of contaminates on pipe walls;
  • Faster pigging & less frequent scrapping.

Why DragX? 

DragX has been rigorously tested with respected pipeline operators and consistently demonstrates high performance in varying deployment conditions. DragX’s corrosion prevention and drag reduction properties have helped to maximize performance and decrease down time cost.


  • Demonstration with the Colorado School of Mines, in conjunction with the RPSEA program with the NETL, for anti-hydrate plugging performance.
  • Field implementation in Houston, TX, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy to protect natural gas transport pipelines against corrosion and methane leakage.
  • Field deployments in partnership with major Oil & Gas operators for midstream and downstream pipeline applications.
Pipe surface without DragX
Pipe surface after DragX application